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Appy Awards 2014 winner2015 Webby Award Honoree – ‘Best Lifestyle Tablet App’
2014 Appy Awards Winner – ‘Best iPad Publishing”
2014 Webby Award Honoree – ‘Mobile & Apps: Social’
2013 Webby Award Honoree – ‘Best Social Tablet App’
2013 Appy Award Nominee – ‘Best iPad Publishing”
2012 Webby Award Honoree – ‘Best Social Tablet App’
2012 IACP Nominee – ‘Most Intriguing Use of New Technology’
2012 w3 Awards ‘Mobile Applications – Social Networking’
2012 w3 ‘Mobile Applications – Innovative/Experimental’ and Cookbook Cafe out to ‘democratize’ the cookbook world – LA Times  view story

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Cookbook Cafe was created by Webby honored food social network and recipe swap and producers of TECHmunch (food blogger conference).

make your own cookbookWe think it’s time to democratize cookbook publishing!

Join us as we create an entirely new way to publish and shop for cookbooks.

With Cookbook Cafe, any home chef, group or nonprofit organization can publish an interactive cookbook as both an iPad app and a web-based ebook. They can then give it away or sell it to the world for profit or fundraising via the Cookbook Cafe storefront.

It’s an idea whose time has come.  After all, why should only “big name” chefs get a chance to make it as a cookbook author?

Unlike other do-it-yourself publishing services that help authors create traditional ebooks or mobile apps, Cookbook Cafe is free AND not limited by technology platform. It functions across different types of devices, including the iPad and any desktop or mobile web browser.

Best of all, many of the books you’ll find on Cookbook Cafe help support worthy nonprofit organizations that use community cookbooks to raise funds.

How it Works

Cookbook Cafe has three distinct parts:

  1. A free online cookbook builder to create and publish your digital cookbook.
  2. An iPad and web-based storefront to market and sell your cookbook, as well as shop for other grassroots cookbooks.
  3. An iPad and web-based reader to search and access all the recipes in the cookbooks you’ve downloaded.

The Cookbook Cafe iPad app is free to download, and anyone (with or without an iPad) can access the web-based version at It costs nothing to build your cookbook and make it available to the world as an app and on the web!

Get Started

Make Your Own Cookbook:
Visit to access the Cookbook Cafe cookbook builder on

Simply create a free account at, upload your recipes and then “attach” them to your new cookbook. Because your are uploaded individually, it’s easy to re-purpose them into new cookbooks throughout the year.

If you have an iPad:
Download our app in iTunes at or simply search “cookbook cafe” or “bakespace” to find our app.

Author Info

A New World of Possibility for Indie Cookbook Authors, Nonprofits, Home Cooks & Brands

make your own cookbook

Some Recent Cookbooks at

Any individual or group can create a cookbook; it’s easy (and free!) using the cookbook builder (

If you’re a brand looking to create a cookbook, contact us at Babette[at]bakespace[dot]com to discuss our promotional plans for your cookbook.

Your cookbook will reach the BakeSpace community of home cooks over 1M strong (2.2M including social media accounts).

It’s also easy to crowdsource recipes (aka family cookbook or community cookbook) and include content from family members, friends, co-workers and others… whether they’re in the next room or halfway around the globe. You simply start the cookbook, mark it a “group” cookbook and we give you an easy link to share with your friends and family so they can easily upload their recipe to your cookbook (without having to join our site).

It’s also free to market your cookbook in the Cookbook Cafe iPad and Web-based storefronts at As the author, you determine the price — from giving it away for free to selling it for profit or fundraising. The price can range from $0.99 to $25.99 (in one dollar increments).

Each cookbook is acquired by the end-user as either a free download or in-app purchase on the iPad, or as a simple download/online purchase via the website. collects a commission (50%) only when an author sells a book for profit or fundraising. The commission covers all costs, including Apple’s app store transaction fee (30%) and credit card processing fees on sales made through the online storefront. Our Authors commission is always 50% regardless of price for cookbook.  We never charge you to create your cookbook or give it away for free.

Create your own cookbook today! Download our Cookbook app!


  • Browse & Shop for Cookbooks Based on Recipe/Food Category and Cost – In the Cookbook Cafe storefront you can find cookbooks based on food category, recipe and ingredient, as well as by reviews, what’s most popular, etc. You can also shop specifically for cookbooks that help support nonprofit organizations. Many of the cookbooks are free, and most cost less than a few bucks.
  • Easy Recipe Searching — Once you’ve downloaded a cookbook, every recipe in that book is indexed individually in your library. This means you don’t have to search entire cookbooks to find a specific recipe. Simply search by keyword and the recipe will appear. Wouldn’t it be great if you could do that with the cookbooks on your kitchen shelf?!
  • Instant Access to Cookbook Reviews — It’s easy to post and read reviews,  and you have the ability to message authors directly.
  • Anywhere Access to Your Downloaded Cookbooks — Once you download a cookbook, all the recipes in that book reside on your iPad. This means you don’t need to be connected to the Internet to access your recipes.
  • Multi-Platform Access — The cookbooks you download via the Cookbook Cafe iPad app can also be accessed and searched on any web-enabled computer at Note: multi-platform access requires registration (which is free).
  • A Rich, Multimedia Experience — Many of the cookbooks in Cookbook Cafe include not just photos, but audio, video and other multimedia.
  • Automatic Backups – The cookbooks you download using this app are saved on your iPad. In addition, all of your cookbooks may be accessed on any other iPad and from any web-enabled computer provided you register with and “sync” your downloaded cookbooks.
  • Multiple Recipe Viewing Modes — Recipe pages can be viewed in standard (full length) or condensed “cook mode” for easy viewing in the kitchen. (iPad App Only)
  • Kitchen Timers, Substitution Charts & Conversion Tables – Never burn a dish again with these nifty tools — Cookbook Cafe gives you five separate programmable timers that can be used simultaneously — even if you close the app! (iPad App Only)


The Social Cookbook to benefit

One of the inspirations for creating Cookbook Cafe was to improve how non-profit organizations (schools, hospitals, faith-based institutions, clubs, sports teams, civic groups, etc.) use crowdsourced cookbooks for fundraising.

In the past, nonprofits that created such cookbooks were limited by the cost and complexity of book publishing, marketing and distribution. They were forced to publish cookbooks that were either modest in format or limited to a single technology platform, and their distribution was usually limited to a small network of supporters. Cookbook Cafe eliminates these limitations and changes the nonprofit cookbook publishing model!

Simply gather your favorite recipes, upload them to and use the free cookbook publisher to create your cookbook. You can also add video about your organization and links to your website, Facebook page and Twitter account to grow your network.

Once you click “publish,” your cookbook will be formatted for distribution as a native iPad app and web-based ebook in the Cookbook Cafe storefront.

With Cookbook Cafe, you can scale your cookbook fundraising efforts like never before.

See The Social Cookbook



What better way to get people to talk about your brand around the kitchen table than by helping them make dinner? Literally.

Cookbook Cafe is the first and only cookbook publishing platform that enables marketers to create and mass-distribute branded, interactive ebook and app-based cookbooks.


Once published, cookbooks are available in the Cookbook Cafe marketplace (online and iPad App), where they can be discovered easily by cookbook enthusiasts, including the popular companion food social network community. Engagement with each brand is enhanced by the platform’s robust multimedia and social integration, which enable readers to watch videos and connect easily with brands online.

Unlike other DIY ebook and app publishing platforms, Cookbook Cafe is not limited by technology platform. It functions across different types of devices, including the iPad and any desktop or mobile web browser.

Cookbook Cafe’s proprietary contextual search and indexing system further enhances discoverability to help consumers find branded cookbooks that match their interests.  The system works by individually indexing each recipe in all the cookbooks offered in the Cookbook Cafe marketplace.

For example, consumers searching the term “chocolate chip cookie recipe” will find any such recipe contained in the branded cookbook titled “Juice Dishes & Saucy Bites: Recipes from Desperate Housewives” (published by the TV series). Such discoverability is key to successful ebook and app publishing.

To date, recipe/cookbook partners include:  Driscoll’s, Chobani, Sony, Disney, Sabra, Hershey’s, Scharffren Berger, ABC, Chef the film, and KitchenAid to name a few.

Case Study: For the launch of the new Tinker Bell “Secret of the Wings” movie, we worked with Disney to produce two cookbooks designed to inform and inspire the film’s most passionate fans.

  1. The first cookbook featured recipes developed by Disney such as “Tink’s Sun Sea” and “Tink’s Berry Ice” — both easy to make for even the tiniest chefs.
  2. The second cookbook was crowdsourced with recipes submitted by Tinker Bell fans. Fans simply filled out a digital recipe card, added a photo/video and clicked submit. Disney benefitted from the fan-inspired content and marketing help from their community (from fans who submitted recipes and in-turn encouraged their friends to download the cookbook).

See screenshots here:

Are you a brand looking for an innovative way to share new content, repurpose existing content or find new ways to get your fans involved? Let’s chat! Contact at 866-538-2253 or

Contact Us

We’d love to hear what you think about Cookbook Cafe. Send us an email at babette[at]bakespace[dot]com.

For screenshots, visit

For interviews, camera-ready artwork and other media inquiries, please contact:

Erik Deutsch
ExcelPR Group
(323) 851-2300 ext. 112
erikd [at]


berries 2

Driscoll’s Berries Cookbook

Looking for ways to monetize your recipes? Brands, looking for key influencers to develop recipes or share your content to their community? Cookbook Cafe and are cooking up a fun new ad concept.

Bloggers, sign up for more info here.

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